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FibreGlass Mouldings - Front Door Canopy Specialists


FibreGlass Mouldings are a well established company who take great pride in there  ability to satisfy customers’ demands - at the right price. See if we've got something to interest you - with our fibreglass  door canopies, fibreglass garage roofs, fibreglass flat roofs or fibreglass pond linings.

Featured Fibreglass Products

Canopies - Click here to view more

 Fibreglass  Door Canopies.

We supply and fit (or supply only) a range of top quality door canopies  and have done for many years. Any of our products will add instant appeal and make a lasting impression to your property.

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FibreGlass Mouldings
Garage Roofs and Flat Window Bays - Click here to view more

Fibreglass Garage Roofs.

FibreGlass Mouldings' flat roofs  are applied to the same standards as a domestic dwelling or office complex, which will also be enhanced with our very attractive edging trims and final colour choice

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FibreGlass Mouldings
Flat Roofs - Click here to view more

Fibreglass  Flat Roofs.

Strong, attractive and desirable our fibreglass flat roofs keep out the elements and ensure your possessions are safe and dry. Only FibreGlass Mouldings flat roofs give you that extra protection.

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FibreGlass Mouldings
Pond Linings - Click here to view more

 Fibreglass Pond Linings.

GRP pond linings to create a garden pond is probably the easiest, quickest and most cost effective way to achieve a stunning water feature in your garden. The flexibility of a GRP pond lining allow you the freedom to design a pond that suits your requirements - without the restrictions imposed by a preformed pond.

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FibreGlass Mouldings

FibreGlass Mouldings - Door Canopies

Glass reinforced polyester (GRP) is one of the most versatile materials in the world and that enables us to offer our customers a quality range of door canopies  to choose from. As a professional door canopy manufacturer, our expertise in the design and installation of canopy  products has gained us an unrivalled profile in the market and we have many satisfied customers in both the domestic and industrial sectors.

This approach has been the cornerstone of FibreGlass Mouldings' successful development over many years. Have a look at the range of canopies and products on display within our website and see if we've got something to suit your needs - with our range of door canopies, flat roofs and pond linings.

Due to the versatility of GRP and the open-minded approach we display at FibreGlass Mouldings, our customers tend to agree with us - that our door canopy range of  quality canopies complements most budgets.All our products are produced on-site,we do not use sub-contractors.

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